Customized CNC Milling Aluminum

We are a professional hardware custom processing manufacturer. A wide variety of materials can be machined, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, zinc, brass, iron, and more.
We are committed to customized high-precision CNC turning and milling, and the machining accuracy can reach a tolerance of 0.01mm, which provides a strong guarantee for the machining of precision parts.
Our goal is to provide every customer with reliable, viable, economical CNC parts and fast sample service to the industry. Based on our precise machining, competitive cost and satisfactory customer service, we can make OEM products according to the specific needs of customers. At the same time, we are conscientiously responsible for the quality control from IQC to OQC, run through every link of production, and do our best to provide quality and service.

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What is CNC milling?

CNC milling is a machining process that utilizes computer control to manage the movement and operation of multi-point rotary tools. As the tools rotate and move over the workpiece surface, they slowly remove excess material to achieve the desired shape and size. Various materials such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum and iron can be processed.

What are the advantages of CNC milling with a centering machine?

1. The parts have strong adaptability and flexibility, and can process parts with particularly complex contours or difficult to control dimensions, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc.

2. It can process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools or are difficult to process, such as complex curved parts described by mathematical models and three-dimensional space surface parts.

3. Parts that need to be processed in multiple processes after one clamping and positioning can be processed.

4. High processing precision, stable and reliable processing quality.

5. The production automation is high, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator. Conducive to production management automation.

6. High production efficiency.

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