CNC machining of brass parts

Features and advantages of custom machining brass CNC precision parts
– Higher production efficiency and stable part quality
– Corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance
– Allows for lower production costs and is very robust under high stress
– Can withstand extreme temperatures
– Extremely durable and long service life

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CNC machining of brass parts

Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc, and the ratio of zinc is varied to achieve different mechanical properties. Brass has strong wear resistance and is often used to manufacture valves, water pipes, connecting pipes for internal and external air conditioners, and radiators.

Brass can withstand hot processing well and has excellent cutting performance. It is suitable for high-precision parts processed by automatic lathes and CNC lathes. It is an ideal material for CNC processing parts. It is mostly used for various parts and stamping parts of machinery and electrical appliances. and musical instruments.

China CNC Brass Machining Parts Supplier for Core Walking Machine

Looking for precision brass parts machined by an experienced and reliable CNC component manufacturer? Shengshiyuan's custom brass machining services can be your ideal choice. We are committed to custom high-precision products, capable of manufacturing simple or complex brass products, including high-quality precision brass CNC milling parts, brass CNC turning parts and brass CNC drilling parts, our machining accuracy can reach 0.01mm Tolerance, provides a strong guarantee for precision parts processing. We are conscientiously responsible for the quality control from IQC to OQC, run through every link of production, and do our best to do quality and service well.

Shengshiyuan (XIAMEN)Hardware Product Co.,LTD.

We specialize in CNC machining ( Turning and Milling ) and sheet metal machining services. Here is our introduction for your reference.

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Products Description

Quality AssuranceISO9001:2015 Certified
Machining EquipmentCNC Machining Center /Composite CNC Machine / CNC Lathes / Grinding Machines / Milling Machines / Wire-cuts / Laser Cuts / CNC Shearing Machines / CNC Bending Machines /CNC Stamping Machines etc.
MaterialsAluminum Alloy:  6061/ 6063 / 7075 /5052 ADC12/518 etc.
Brass Alloy:  H59 / H62 / H64/ 3602 / 2604 / etc.
Stainless Steel Alloy:  316L / 304 / 316 / 412 / etc.
Steel Alloy:  Carbon Steel / Die Steel / Spring Steel etc.
Other Special Materials:  Titanium/ Lucite / Nylon / Bakelite / POM / ABS / PP / PC / PE / PEEK etc.
We handle many other type of materials. Please contact us if your required material is not listed above.
Surface TreatmentPlating, Brushing,Polishing,Sandblasting,Anodizing,Pickling&Passivation, Vibration,PVD, Nickel Plating,tinting etc.
InspectionThree-coordinate measuring machine /Mitutoyo Tool Microscope can measure up to 300mmX x 175mmY x 220mmZ
File FormatsSolid Works,Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), PDF,IGS , STP etc.

Product packaging

we will shipping according to your requirement. Than,we will choose better shipping way for you if you need. We provide multi shipping method, such as shipping by air, by express, by train, by sea.

Production Machinery

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